Behind the Pom-Poms: A look into the life of a professional cheerleader

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Professional cheerleaders are trained cheerleaders and dancers who support professional sports teams. They can often be found on the sidelines of an NFL or NBA game cheering their teams onto victory. Many people assume that the life of a professional cheerleader is synonymous with glamour. However, the daily life of a pro cheerleader is often very hectic, complicated, and at times completely devoid of glamour. Continue reading “Behind the Pom-Poms: A look into the life of a professional cheerleader”

Why Boy Bands Will Always Have Our Hearts

The 1990s and early 2000s were the best. The universe was shelling out boy bands faster than we could say “It’s Gonna Be Me” and in return we were gifted with an unlimited supply of eye candy. From ‘N Sync (Marry me, Justin!) to 98 Degrees to BBMak (ew) every girl had a heartthrob to help her through those awkward teenage years. Continue reading “Why Boy Bands Will Always Have Our Hearts”