How To Keep Your Cheer Team Focused In The Off Season

Whether you’re coaching an all-star team or a coach for a recreational school team you are probably used to the excitement and anticipation that comes with preparing for national competitions. However, what happens when your team does not get a bid to nationals? How do you keep your team engaged after such a dejection? This reality is especially hard for coaches who are now forced to plan for their teams continued success in the off season. Listed below are some suggestions on ways to keep your team focused and ensure success during the off season. Continue reading “How To Keep Your Cheer Team Focused In The Off Season”

How To Pick The Perfect Fragrance

Tory Burch Fragrance Collection

Take one look at the slew of Hollywood starlets gracing the red carpets and it will seem like every woman worth her while has a signature fragrance that she created and practically bathes in every evening. From Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds to Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck, celebrities are constantly outdoing each other with fragrances. Continue reading “How To Pick The Perfect Fragrance”