Why Boy Bands Will Always Have Our Hearts

The 1990s and early 2000s were the best. The universe was shelling out boy bands faster than we could say “It’s Gonna Be Me” and in return we were gifted with an unlimited supply of eye candy. From ‘N Sync (Marry me, Justin!) to 98 Degrees to BBMak (ew) every girl had a heartthrob to help her through those awkward teenage years. I was almost positive that my obsession with boy bands died along with velour back in ’09 until I came across a little Brit named Harry Styles (move over KenJen, he’s mine!) and his four insanely handsome bandmates. It didn’t take much for me to revert back to that high-pitched squealing, glitter eye shadow wearing crazed fan. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why boy bands make our hearts race just a little bit faster.

1. Their lyrics were our therapy.
No one can deny that music heals the soul. Music affects us on a deep, emotional level by eliciting symptoms of emotional arousal. Boy bands helped us dissect what guys were really thinking (well, kinda) and gave us an anthem to blast when things came crashing down. All it took was a couple of replays of ‘N Sync’s “Here We Go” to completely turn your mood around.

2. They have incredible music videos.
Three words: Bye Bye Bye.

3. There’s more to fall in love with.
Honestly, why choose one when you could have five? When it comes to heartthrobs more means more. Boy bands gave us everything we wanted plus three or four extra guys to lust over.

4. Lastly, there’s the hair.
No boy band is complete without a perfectly coiffed hair idol. From Justin Timberlake’s curly tresses to Nick Carter’s bowl-cut, boy bands instantly won us over with their awesome hairstyles.


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